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Winter 2019, Adult Ed Series with Rabbi Eva: MeToo vs. NotMe


Oraynu Adult Education – Winter 2019 Series with Rabbi Eva Goldfinger

MeToo vs. NotMe:  Relevance of Jewish Teachings Through the Ages for Jews Today


Jewish biblical and rabbinic texts, stories, poetry, and laws from ancient to contemporary times are filled with do’s and don’ts for appropriate and ethical Jewish behaviours.  Join Rabbi Eva Goldfinger as we study and examine Jewish texts through the ages that purport to tell us what is and isn’t ethical and how we should and should not behave in our everyday lives.  Join the discussion on which rules of behaviour are ethical or unethical, and meaningful or irrelevant for us today.  Then let’s create and share with others our Mini-Humanist-Talmud on what is and isn’t ethical ‘For Me/For Us’ today.  If you are registering for the sessions, feel free to suggest specific issues you would like to discuss in our final session.

  • December 20, 2018:  MeToo vs. NotMe:  Relevance Today of Biblical Do’s and Don’ts
  • January 24, 2019:  MeToo vs. NotMe:  Pros and Cons of Rabbinical Teachings and Laws
  • February 21, 2019:  MeToo vs. NotMe:  Meaningfulness of Modern Interpretation of Jewish Laws and Customs
  • March 21, 2019:  Contemporary Ethical Revolutions:  Which are MeToos and Which NotMes

What kind of Jewishness has relevance and meaning for you?  Come and study with Rabbi Eva and have a say in the present and future of Judaism.  For you, what is and is not worth doing and passing on to future generations?  Come and dissect Jewish texts and writings from ancient times to today and join our open discussions on why the teaching is or is not relevant or ethical for us. 


Time / Location / Fees:

  • All sessions take place on Thursday evenings, start promptly at 7pm and go till about 9:30pm
  • All sessions take place at the Borochov Centre, 272 Codsell Ave (Allen Rd / Sheppard)
  • Free for Oraynu members  | non-member fee $20 per person per session or $60 for the entire series


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